The Angel who blesses magazines

The Angel who blesses magazines
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Briana, the beautiful angel with big, beautiful wings, flew over the clouds, searching for a magazine to bless. As she flew, she came across many magazines, but none seemed worthy of her blessing. Just when she was about to give up, she saw a magazine called InstaBad Magazine. Briana was hesitant
at first because of the name, but as she flipped through it, she realized that it was a magazine that celebrated self-expression and individuality. It showcased people who were unafraid to be themselves and encouraged others to do the same.
Excited to bless the magazine, Briana descended towards the Earth, but as she got closer, she realized that there were bad angels trying to stop her. These angels were envious of the love and positivity that the magazine was spreading and didn't want it to be blessed. Briana knew that she had to defeat these bad angels to bless the magazine. She spread her wings wide
and charged towards them, sending bolts of lightning from her fingertips. The bad angels fought back with all their might, but Briana was determined to succeed.
As the battle raged on, the sky turned dark, and the winds grew stronger. But Briana didn't give up, and eventually, she emerged victorious. The bad angels fled, and Briana was free to bless the magazine. She closed her eyes and raised her hands towards the sky, and a bright light shone down on the
magazine. The light enveloped the entire building, and when it dissipated, the magazine was glowing with a beautiful aura.
Briana smiled, knowing that she had done her job. She flew back up into the clouds, her wings beating gracefully against the wind. She knew that she had made a difference, and that the world was a better
place because of her actions.
By: Gianni North