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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination.

Linda was a confident and independent woman who never felt the need to have a boyfriend. She was focused on her career and didn't want any distractions. She was proud of her strength and ability to take care of herself.

But one day, while driving home from work, Linda got into a car accident. She was shaken and scared, and she didn't know what to do. That's when her ex-boyfriend, Marcus, showed up out of nowhere.

Marcus had always been there for Linda, even after they broke up. He helped her get out of the car and made sure she was okay. Linda was surprised at how kind and caring he was, even after everything that had happened between them.

As Linda recovered from the accident, Marcus continued to be there for her. He cooked her meals, helped her with her physical therapy, and even drove her to work. Linda realized that she had been wrong about not needing a man in her life. She realized that both women and men need each other, and that it's okay to ask for help when you need it.

After Linda had fully recovered, she and Marcus talked about their relationship. Linda realized that she still had feelings for him and that she wanted to give their relationship another chance. Marcus felt the same way, and they decided to start dating again.

Linda was happy that she had finally let down her guard and allowed herself to be vulnerable. She realized that being strong doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. Sometimes, it means being brave enough to ask for help and being open to love and connection.

Linda and Marcus had a tumultuous relationship. Linda was fiercely independent and often saw Marcus as a distraction from her goals. She was also very proud and didn't like admitting when she was wrong or apologizing.

When they were together, Linda often belittled Marcus and made him feel like he wasn't good enough. She would criticize everything from his job to the way he dressed. She also had a quick temper and would lash out at him over minor issues.

Despite all of this, Marcus loved Linda deeply. He saw her potential and wanted to help her achieve her goals, even if it meant putting his own aside. He tried his best to support her and be patient with her, even when she was being hurtful.

After they broke up, Linda continued to be rude to Marcus. She would ignore his calls and texts, and when she did respond, she would be cold and distant. Marcus was hurt by her behavior, but he didn't give up on her. He knew that she was just struggling with her own issues and that she needed someone to be there for her.

That's why, when Linda got into the car accident, Marcus didn't hesitate to come to her aid. He knew that she needed him, even if she didn't realize it herself. He put aside his own hurt and showed her how much he loved her by taking care of her and helping her through her recovery.

Despite all of Linda's previous disrespect, Marcus didn't hold it against her. He knew that she was capable of change and growth, and he was willing to give her another chance. In the end, his love and patience paid off, and Linda realized how much he meant to her.



By; Gianni North