Plus-size OnlyFans star says haters tell her to cover up curves

Plus-size OnlyFans star says haters tell her to cover up curves

Jessica Glass, a 24-year-old OnlyFans model from Houston, Texas, who is plus-size, has declared that she will continue to share her "spicy content" on the platform, despite receiving criticism from online trolls who are urging her to dress more conservatively. Glass enjoys showing off her seductive curves to her admirers on the adult website.



But despite her body positivity, some trolls jibe at the model’s size and say she shouldn’t be getting her kit off. Fortunately, Jessica is not discouraged by the hurtful comments and continues to confidently showcase her full figure on OnlyFans as she has discovered her unique market.

The creator of content elaborated by saying, "I believe that my physique has been advantageous for me on OnlyFans, particularly for creating spicy content. As there are not many individuals who share my body type, I find it inspiring to see others embrace themselves more comfortably."

Jessica often displays her skin by wearing tiny crop tops and minuscule hot pants on a regular basis.

She further stated, "My fashion sense is different from most plus-size people, as they tend to conceal their bodies, while I prefer not to. I feel more at ease when I wear what I desire. Given that Texas has a hot climate, I usually opt for minimal clothing. I don't feel comfortable in clothing that covers too much. I simply wear whatever I feel like and I do not allow anyone to dictate my clothing choices."

Unfortunately, Jessica faces the most criticism on TikTok, where users frequently express their disapproval of her revealing attire, claiming that it doesn't suit her body type.

According to the OnlyFans star, people often use anonymity to hide behind their screens and make comments about her body, which is the first thing people see when they look at her.

InstaBad Magazine learned that Jessica stated, "There are times when I have to avoid looking at comments because they do get to me."

She has even had to disable comments on her videos at times as her content occasionally attracts the wrong audience on TikTok who refuse to support her.

Despite receiving harsh comments, Jessica has developed a thick skin and refuses to let the haters get the best of her.

She stated, "For every positive comment, there is a negative one to balance it out, but it keeps me grounded. I believe everyone receives hate on the internet, and while everyone has their own opinions, I don't allow them to affect me."

As a result, the OnlyFans star is proud to serve as a role model for plus-size women who wish to express their sexuality.

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