Nicki Minaj New Song “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” Debut At No. 1 on iTunes

Nicki Minaj New Song “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” Debut At No. 1 on iTunes

With the release of "Red Ruby Da Sleeze," Nicki Minaj's first song for 2023, and a lyric video to go along with it, she is back with another banger.

She extended her record as the rapper with the most No. 1 tracks in U.S. iTunes history (33), according to Chart Data, when the song, which was released at midnight on March 3, hit No. 1 on the U.S. and U.K. iTunes hip hop charts within an hour of its release.

A Nicki Minaj fan website reported on Friday morning that the song was No. 1 in Romania, Qatar, and Antigua & Barbuda, among other top spots, and that it is currently charting in 32 countries worldwide on Apple Music.

The song debuted in the Top 100 on Apple Music USA at No. 87, and according to the fan page, it took only 49 minutes for the song to reach No. 1 in the United States in 2023, breaking the previous mark.

On her YouTube channel, Minaj also posted a lyric video with an animated island-themed clip that included images of the ocean and even Carnival. The rapper recently traveled to Trinidad for Carnival 2023, and it appears that the video is giving homage to that country. An animated version of Minaj and a collage of women with various skin tones and ethnic backgrounds, resembling Trinidad's ethnic diversity, were also featured in some of the sequences.

On Friday, listeners responded to the song by praising the artist.

Expectations: exceeded, you really demonstrated to us why you are the benchmark, an admirer commented on her Instagram post. They will never be able to match you when it comes to songs, or anything for that matter, they said, "Nicki." Another person added, "Your wordplay is UNMATCHEDDDD."

The rapper also thanked her fans and shared how the song rose to the top of charts all over the globe. "Within an hour. #1 and #5. I adore my children so much. She expressed gratitude on Instagram Stories.

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