Kodak Dark's craftsman Vvsnce has gotten down on Latto for guaranteeing in a meeting that she's tied in with elevating rising female rap specialists.

Kodak Dark's craftsman Vvsnce has gotten down on Latto for guaranteeing in a meeting that she's tied in with elevating rising female rap specialists.

Well, it seems like Vvsnce is throwing some serious shade at Latto's uplifting efforts. Maybe Vvsnce thinks that supporting new female rappers should come at a cost - after all, why do something for free when you can make a quick buck? But let's not be too quick to judge - maybe Vvsnce just has a different approach to uplifting the rap game. Perhaps her strategy is to charge so much for feature verses that only the truly dedicated and financially savvy up-and-comers will be able to afford it. Talk about a high bar for entry!

IVvsnce is feeling pretty salty about Latto's alleged refusal to collaborate. "Everybody keep taggin me in this shit," she wrote in her caption. "Idc bout no feature from her or nobody else. She did do that lame shit tho [rolling eyes emoji]."

Vvsnce has some beef with Latto's attitude towards working with new female artists. "'I don't work with new female artist' was her EXACT words," she continued. "That's the real reason she was mad at Yak! She had to pay for that song on her album cuz she ain't wanna do a song with me [two tears of joy emojis]."

It's clear to see that Vvsnce has her own theory about why things went down the way they did. Maybe Latto just didn't want to collaborate with Vvsnce because she's too much of a rising star - or maybe she just wasn't feeling the vibe. But hey, if Latto doesn't want to work with Vvsnce, maybe she'll just have to settle for Yak instead. After all, they say the best revenge is success!

Vvsnce is not buying Latto's claims of being a champion for rising female artists. In a series of videos on her IG Story, Vvsnce sets the record straight - or at least, her version of it.

Maybe Vvsnce thinks Latto's just talking the talk without walking the walk. Or maybe she's just a little jealous that she's not getting the same love and attention as the other new female rappers. But hey, at least Vvsnce has her own unique talents - like being really good at calling people out on social media!

Vvsnce is spilling some tea about Latto's alleged aversion to collaborating with female artists. "My personal experience and the reason why all that shit was going on with her and Yak. She didn't want to do a song with a female artist," Vvsnce said in her clip. Vvsnce is feeling a little salty that she didn't get the chance to collab with Latto, but hey, at least she's not sweating it too much. "Not that I give a fuck cause I never give a fuck about doing a feature with nobody. Yak wanted me to do a song with her," she continued.

But Vvsnce is taking the high road and not getting too caught up in the drama. After all, who needs Latto's features when you can just keep doing your own thing and killing it on your own? Maybe Vvsnce should start a new trend of refusing to collab with anyone and just become the ultimate solo queen. Hey, stranger things have happened in the music industry!

Vvsnce is calling out Latto for not walking the walk when it comes to uplifting other female artists. "She shouldn't be boasting that she's all about the girls but act differently when an up-and-coming female artist reaches out for a feature verse," Vvsnce added.

Latto couldn't let that one slide. In response to Vvsnce's allegations, she took to her own IG Story to set the record straight. "In another IG Story, Vvsnce posted a text message between her and Latto," Vvsnce revealed.

Maybe Latto's trying to clear her name and show that she's not afraid to stand up for herself. Or maybe she's just trying to show off her impressive text message game - after all, it takes some serious skills to screenshot and post your own messages in record time. Either way, it looks like the drama between these two is far from over.

Well, well, well, it looks like Latto and Vvsnce are going back and forth like a game of ping pong. In response to Vvsnce's allegations, Latto wrote in a text message, "U coulda just asked me wassup yourself instead of believing what a nigga told you."

Latto's not holding back! Maybe she's feeling a little frustrated that Vvsnce didn't come to her first before going public with her accusations. But Latto's not done yet - she's got some receipts to back up her side of the story. "(These exchanges didn't come til after a situation U clearly know nun about) I was told to come to his party in order to clear the verse first I said no & then they said a verse for an artist on his label of his choice & I said no. My lawyer got the proposal on paper word for word. Ion even know you," Latto continued.

But Vvsnce is not one to back down, and she came back with some fighting words of her own. "Ion know you either so why would you expect me to contact you like we cool a sun cuz off rip it's gone give I'm tryna check you bout not doing a song! You telling me not to listen to may business partner is crazy right or wrong I'm sliding with them rather I know the full story or not," Vvsnce fired back.

Well, both of these ladies are standing their ground and not backing down. But Vvsnce has one final message for Latto: "I'm not just a female artist, I'm a female artist from ATLANTA...you entitled to turn shit down as you please but don't expect me to not speak my truth."

Oooh, Vvsnce is letting Latto know that she's not just any old artist - she's from Atlanta, baby! Maybe that's her way of saying that she's got a little extra edge and she's not afraid to speak her mind. Either way, it looks like this feud is far from over. iB

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